version 0.9.7 release!

Announcing a major new update & final testing release!

As we approach Dragon Battle version 1.0, we're testing final bugs and gathering playback feedback on this release, version 0.9.7. For the past many months we've been busy coding up a storm and getting feedback from our early fans and supporters on new features and a more built-out retro RPG world to explore.

Major updates include:

- 10 dragons!
Battle your way up the ranks from initial Young Dragons through the first tier of Earth, Sea, Fire and Ice dragons, followed by the second tier of Iron and Bone dragons, Feathered Serpent and Demon Spawn. Finally, after 25 victories, challenge the Dragon King himself!

- New trailer!
(see link above)

- Unlock spells, skills, weapons and armor
The game world is filled with skills, weapons and armor to unlock and power up. Through a crafting addition, players can learn to craft their own basic weapons and armor. Befriend different races -- elf, dwarf and goblin -- to learn new spells and purchase magical weapons and armor.

- Battle Loop or Story Mode
Choose your gaming experience: a loop of dragon battles, or a story mode where you can explore the Western Kingdom and immerse yourself in a retro fantasy RPG world.

- Music galore
We've written even more original music for the game, as well as including some great tracks from the GB game design community.

We even got our own URL for the game:

The STORY mode still needs a final polish before release, but the BATTLE mode has been thoroughly polished over the past two weeks and should be ready for release (pending final play test feedback).

Thanks for playing and hope you enjoy.

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May 29, 2021

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