Initial release coming soon ...

After tons and tons of debugging & polishing work, the initial release version of Dragon Battle is NEARLY ready for release!

I started with the final Dragon King encounter with a moderately leveled-up player (slightly weaker than an actual player would be by the final encounter), and made sure the head boss was beatable by all four player classes. Then I backed up the player to 19 dragon kills (6 before the head boss), reduced the player's buff to a 19 victory level, and played through from there. Lots of small bugs were found and resolved, as well as lots of tweaks to make the dragon battles more epic.

Then I returned to the beginning. Tweaked the wizard and ryukyu classes more, adjusted the spell system to make player spells a bit stronger, gave the wizard the MIND spell along w attack spell (MIND creates magic defensive barrier in combat). Finally powered up all the dragon breath attacks & discovered/solved numerous bugs in the code (discovery: var false can be triggered when a var is higher than 1, oops. made sure to specify if var = 0 in several places, fixed a bunch of things!)

I've been play testing the final game all week. It still feels epic & incredibly hard, but it's also beatable by all player classes and the level of difficulty feels right.

Best of luck against the dragons, champions!

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