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Welcome to the dragon battle arena!

After 10 months of coding a retro-style RPG, The Janayana, using the GB Studio environment (, I decided to do a deep-dive into the combat system to integrate all the elements of the larger game world (skills, spells, items, etc etc etc). Focussing on a dragon battle encounter, we quickly discovered during play testing that a continuous loop of dragon battles was rather fun.

Thus was born Dragon Battle, an early release of The Janayana and stand-alone mini-game. The initial version of this game was coded in a week, with an additional week of polishing based on playtest feedback from reddit and twitch streamers.

Choose a player class -- Fighter, Knight, Wizard or Ninja -- and hone your skills in the arena! Unlock new spells, solve riddles, purchase armor, weapons and magic items, and battle increasingly tough dragons.

** Post your high score in the comments below! **

All music is original and custom written for the game.

Dragon graphic is modified from the original by Sharm at (

Dragon Battle is a work-in-progress as we continue to tweak the battle system over the next few weeks. Additionally, we anticipate launching a few updates as we include more interesting dragons!

Hope you enjoy & please leave any feedback/comments.

** We want to make this game better. Give us feedback! **

The full game, The Janayana, remains in active development. With a large game world to explore and many quests to solve (not to mention incarnations to live!), The Janayana should be an engrossing journey for players taking months to solve. Anticipating release in 2021.

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I played your game on my channel 

Great review, thx for taking the time to play. It looks like you were playing an older build, the newer version has some updates for your comments.

Have jotted down all your play test notes. We're about to dig back into the code to add more dragons to the mix and update some bugs / UI issues. Would love to circle back with a completed game for another review!

Thx again for playing.

cool. Once you've updated it let me know and I'll play it again on my channel.

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Very nice. Reminds me of the Sword of Hope series.
This has a lot of potential - I like the feeling of randomness in text and actions...kind of "unexpected"...but it's the usual flow of a common, sell...
Very good work.


Thx for the feedback. We just posted a build that should help make the game experience more fun / early dragons easier to defeat. Ongoing updates as we continue development, send notes/feedback any time.

Thx again for playing & glad you enjoyed.

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I found difficulty just right.
The most that bothered me is the long text for some actions...
Like, for the summon...instead of "you don't have this and that, and you can't do it", I'd just skip showing that option to the player.
It's best if you keep short text - one button tap, instead of two.
But it's just my opinion.
Perhaps in the end of a battle, a long summary would also be nice...
I really enjoyed what I played!


Super charming graphics, sound and gameplay. It's funny that as we get more and more advanced with our graphics and UX, I'm drawn more and more to the nostalgic feel of pixel art and chiptune music. Loved it.


Awesome, thx for the kind words. More updates coming soon.


Hey! I played your game and here is the link to it!:https:

Hope the feedback helped! And yes, please let me know how the feedback session was! I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts about! Cheers, Good Work! And Happy Game Dev! :D


Really great feedback, thx for taking the time to play. Yes, we're still working out some game mechanics the next update will fix some errors -- especially the dragon healing problem -- which will help with the boring issue & make the combat more exciting.

We're still actively developing this & future updates will include more dragons as well.

Will certainly let you know when The Janayana is ready for review / initial release. In the meantime, would love to get your review of a Dragon Battle update that fixes the repetitive / boring issue.

Thx again for taking the time to play & giving great feedback.

Hey! Thank you! Yes would definitely love to test it out again and give it another go! Thank you again for the kind words!

Alright, have been waiting to respond to this until some major updates were done. Have posted several builds to polish UI issues and incorporate feedback from early play testers.

New build is running, would love to get your feedback.

Note: there are more updates to come to add more dragons to the combat mix! Right now we're getting the core game & initial dragon solid & as fun as possible within the framework of the 8 bit, retro-narrative-style game. Stay tuned for more dragon updates.

Thx again for playing & taking the time to review. Looking forward to your next play test.


It's looking good. I love the music!

awesome, thx!

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Yep, music is great!