v0.9.8 release!

Final pre-release playtest version.

Keeping with the ethos of making the game as simple and fun as possible in honor of the retro 8-bit format, the game has been whittled down to just the core dragon battle loop. The longer story mode required more debugging and promoted longer gameplay experiences across multiple days. We're shelving this for now, and will keep the code around for a possible v2 release down the road.

There's also been some polishing work done to make the wizard stronger and the Magic Shoppe script has been totally rewritten. Instead of reagents (which were boring and weren't useful to the player for this simple game), the Magic Shoppe has been updated to auto-buff certain spells as well as offer for purchase gems, scrolls (random Sleep, Summon Animal and CTRL Weather) and the LIT wand.

I think this version is beatable & fully balanced & fun. It's certainly difficult, but also feels beatable for any of the classes.

Can you defeat the Dragon King?


web_v0.9.8.zip 951 kB
Jun 13, 2021
dragonBattle.v0.9.8.gb 4 MB
Jun 13, 2021

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All I read sounds fantastic.
Will try this one!
Well done!

Hope you enjoy. Let us know if you beat it!