Graphic and audio overhaul

Got some publisher feedback recently asking to remove the community music in the demo and replace it with all original music, as well as to generally move away from the generic menu UI.

So I composed 7 new tracks and replaced any community tracks. I also re-recorded and polished any other tracks I had previously written.

Gave the UI a quick polish as well, which lead me to decide to darken the backgrounds of ALL the game art, which led to extensive re-coloring of ALL game assets.

Fun polish, but worth the effort! The results look and sound much better.

Related: I've noticed a bug on the page where the music doesn't play? I'm not sure when that bug started, the game music used to play fine on the page. The game music plays fine everywhere else I play the ROM, not sure what's going on but will dig into it if anyone else is noticing a problem.

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Nov 03, 2021

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