Major playtest update

Did a major update based on playtest feedback over the weekend.

Specific updates:

- a lot of work on balancing player classes. Fighter should be less OP, Knight/Wizard/Ninja should be more powerful

- added game info / explanations to intro screen so players can get a better sense for how game dynamics work

- fixed some damage reporting bugs across the board for all combat situations (ie better alignment between damage reported and damage done) as well as health status bar fixes for both player and dragon

- added magic weapons and armor to dragon defeat drop (random, happens rarely); only happens for Fighter and Knight classes, Wizard and Ninja classes get magic wand drop instead

- fixed a missing music bug to mega dragon at the end

- added more dragon levels so there should be better gradual leveling, making it possible to defeat dragon at the end


Fighter might still be OP

Balancing classes is hard. Dragon battles should be difficult to win, but also achievable! Perhaps later expansion to include more dragon types will help with this.

Haven't added a save game option yet.

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Oct 18, 2020

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