More debugs / updates

Spent several hours play testing and taking notes, then reviewing latest play test comments from reviewers and early play testers.

Many fixes and updates in this build, including:

- Dragon heal spell balancing. Spell was too OP, healing too many HP due to coding bug, so reduced power to only heal a smaller amount of hits each time.

- Added tons of new game descriptions / info to the "how to play" intro section to help explain core game concepts

- Goblin Spear now doubles as a Fireball Wand

- Added Dragon taunting and some other dragon interaction options to add variety and fun

- Changed all wands combat damage so now wands do damage based on # of charges (aka 20 charges = 20 dmg, 10 charges = 10 dmg) to add variety and power ability to wands

- Added skill & spell level review options in post-battle menu

- Added stats review option in post-battle menu

- several other bug updates

OUTSTANDING BUG: Hit point bars don't always update, confusing for players. Working on debugging, experimenting with different ways of displaying to this is more intuitive for players. The numbers are working correctly behind the scenes, but the visual isn't perfectly reflecting this experience.

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Oct 19, 2020

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