Yet more updates

Continued to playtest and find more UI updates needed, as well as add final touches for future game use before replicating this combat template for the rest of The Janayana.

- added 2 new spells: heal & cure poison

- added herb bundles to magic shoppe, moved healing potions to temple

- capped spell study level at 9 in the temple

- modified spell damage amounts because wizard class was too OP

- dwarven helms now cast invisibility as bonus feature

- fixed bug in post-battle magic weapon/armor/wand drop from dragons. now, if player already has an item that dragon drops, player keeps more powerful version of item and sells the other off for bonus gold

- double-checked gold & gem limits across game

- polished game intro to add more backstory as game loads.

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Oct 22, 2020

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Amazing progress!
Can't wait for the final version.

We're about to push a new version live that takes away dragon hits bar and instead reveals damage to dragon. As dragon takes more hits, dmg animations/graphics get worse. Had to rebuild combat a bit to make that happen, ended up creating a bunch of new bugs that we're squashing now.

Once this is finished and we're happy with the core combat system, will start releasing new dragons into the mix to shake things up and make the game even more immersive -- not to mention build out all the dragons we'll need for The Janayana.

Anyway thx again, glad you're enjoying so far.

Keep sending playtest updates & report any bugs you find / additional comments!


Sounds great - I  really need a rom version - I love testing in the real hardware! OLD IS KOOL!

Do you have a GB? What are you playing games on?

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Sure I  do. Many GB DMG units here.
I use a modded cart using a flash memory adapter by JRodrigo and its cart flasher.
Works very good!

Private message me an email address and I'll send you a download link for the ROM file. Would love to get your feedback on the current build before we lock the code & begin building out different dragons based on this core combat experience. Can you send us photos or other market materials of you playing the game on your GB?