Yet more UI polishing / updates

Another round of polishing updates.


- found some bugs in the sword / spear scripts that was destroying weapons. fixed, all weapons working smoothly now.

- rebuilt dragon damage reporting. took away hits bar, replaced with graphic damage to dragon itself. 2 levels of wing damage, followed by spurting blood when dragon is near death. Looks and feels much nicer now, the hits bar was just not working properly.

- doing this graphic update caused a lot of shifting of code, which resulted in tons of new bugs, all of which appear to have been squashed on UAT testing server. this build posted to itch should be bug-free now.

We're doing a final philosophical contemplation of the current combat system to make sure everything is there and we won't want to do further updates in future. Also #PitchYaGame is coming up in 2 more days, so will be good to get more play test feedback from that group.

Once combat system is locked, will start iterating new dragon types and continue to tweak the post-combat market/area.

Once game is finalized, there will be around a dozen total possible dragon types and more narratives from The Janayana crafted into Dragon Battle.


Happy battling!

Best of luck in the arena!

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Oct 26, 2020

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